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NAKSHI KATHA(Coming soon)

Nakshi kantha, is a type of embroidered quilt, said to be a centuries-old Bengali art tradition spread across the Bengal region. Especially notable in Bangladesh and Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura and part of Assam, nakshi kantha is an utilitarian ensemble available in plain and embroidered variety referred to as kantha . Probably the patchwork kanthas are the earliest form of kantha, from which the decorative appliqué design evolved later. The basic material used is colored thread and old cloth. The colorful patterns and kaleidoscopic designs that are embroidered throughout resulted in the name “Nakshi Kantha”, which was derived from the Bengali word “naksha”, which means artistic designs.
Traditionally, the early kanthas had a white background accented with occasional red, blue and black embroidery; though later yellow, green, pink and other hues were also introduced. The running stitch named as “kantha stitch” is derived for this purpose. Today, after a major revival the kantha arts are extremely popular across the country. Like any other folk art, kantha making is influenced by factors such as materials available, daily needs, climate, geography, and other economic factors. In earlier days, women in almost every household were expert in the art, today it has become a full time professions for a few.
When a kantha work is being crafted, first the sarees are joined together to attain the required size, and then layers are spread out on the ground. The cloths are then softened , and no creases are left in between. During the procedure, the material is kept level on the ground with loads on the edges. At that point the four edges are sewed and a few columns of huge running join are done to keep the kantha together. Despite their variety, most kantha sarees tend to follow a basic pattern, the focal point being a central lotus motif with concentric circles of undulating vines or sari border patterns. In the four corners of the kantha, or in the four corners of the focal square, tree-of-life themes or kalka are weaved pointing towards the focal lotus theme. The vacant spaces between the focal and corner themes are matched up with themes drawn from nature and the scenes from reality or legends. In 2008, the Indian state of West Bengal applied for the Geographical Indication for Nakshi kantha Sarees.

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