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Pulao Special Aromatic flavored Rice 

Tulapanji Rice from Raiganj (west bengal)

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Tulaipanji Rice


Tulaipanji is primordial aromatic rice grown in Bengal. For centuries they have been known as a gastronomical delight and remarkably known for retaining its aroma for around a year. Trailing back to 1300 AD it’s name is found mentioned in a Sanskrit scripture. The name Tulaipanji comes from a Bengali word that means sweet smelling and soft like cotton. In Uttar Dinajpur district and some pockets of Dakshin Dinajpur district mainly in the Raiganj subdivision , people cultivate this rice. The aroma and impeccable quality of this rice variety are strongly associated with its indigenous origin. Tulaipanji is classified as ‘non-Basmati aromatic rice’. It is not a long grained rice but has a medium-long slender grain with an average length of 5.5 mm, length/breadth ratio of 3.4 and elongation ratio of 1.6. The Cooked rice is tasty, whitish-yellow in texture, bright in appearance, slender and non-sticky . This is very friable due to its high amylase content. So, this rice is excellent for preparation of pulao, fried rice and biryani as well. Another distinct feature of it is , its disease-pest resistance. Traditionally, Tulaipanji is grown without using any artificial fertilizer in mid-land to high-land condition and preferably in jute harvested fields, after rainy season during the August–December period. Low soil fertility and moisture stress generally prevail in the growing field and believed to be the key factor behind the aroma. Slowly, this aromatic variety of rice is gaining popularity and taking the place of Basmati rice. This rice was quietly granted the GI certificate on October 24. A GI tag is primarily given to agricultural, natural or a manufactured product (handicrafts and industrial goods) originating from a definite geographical territory.

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